Winter Harvest

WINTER HARVEST continues the collaborative instrumental project started by the Matt Flinner Trio in 2006 that led to their debut CD, Music du Jour. All of the tunes were written on the road, often while riding in a car, sitting in a dressing room or hotel room, or wherever was convenient at the time; and all the tunes were started, completed and performed in the same day as part of the trio's ongoing "Music du Jour" project. 

Drawing from their individual diverse and vast performance histories, the Trio – Matt Flinner, Ross Martin and Eric Thorin - comes together again on WINTER HARVEST as a further unified voice—part string band, part chamber group, and part jazz trio—and in the process raises the bar for acoustic instrumental music.

"This album is a musical experience for the ages." ---Music News Nashville

"Winter Harvest is really what good music sounds like. A perfect blend of bluegrass tone and instrumentation with the harmonic themes and complexity of jazz."---Fiddle and Creel

If you order a physical copy (as opposed to a digital download through iTunes etc.) you'll receive three bonus tracks (for a total of 15 tunes). 

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$15.00 USD